What’s in Your Back Pack?

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Education and intervention programs for students, teachers, administrators, parents and other stakeholders in school communities is an imperative to curb negative social communications, including cyber-bullying.

What’s in Your Back Pack? is an intervention program created to assist secondary education students in developing their communication skills and abilities to make changes in their behaviors, if they choose. The quantitative research design is quasi-experimental with pre and post surveys, a presentation of the material by the researcher, and handouts for the students. The theory behind the intervention program is based on transactional analysis, specifically using the basic tenets of the three ego states of personality Parent-Adult-Child (Berne, 1961), the I’m OK; You’re OK (Harris, 1969) model, and how students can effectively make changes in their attitudes, speech, and behavior to affect their underlying values (Clarke, 1984). It is supposed that if secondary education students experience the benefits of transactional analysis as a…

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