Cushion Time

Cushion Time Ideas:
Cushion Time refers to the time that occurs when some or all students complete an assigned task. Failure to plan for cushion time results in a lot of time wasted in class. Cushion time is also a great way to differentiate for your more advanced learners by providing opportunities to demonstrate content mastery at a more challenging or creative level.

1. Puzzles/Games
2. Brainteasers
3. Challenge Problems (for individuals or groups)
4. Creative Writing
5. Journal Writing
6. Brainstorm Lists of…
7. Top Ten reasons…
8. Draw of picture to represent content learned
9. Write song/poem dealing with content
10. Use Question Dice to create thinking questions.
11. Create Flash Cards
12. Quiz a partner with Flash Cards
13. Online research
14. Silent Reading
15. Math Games
16. Listening Center
17. Write Review Questions
18. Create your own:

* In order for cushion time to really be effective in managing your class time efficiently; Cushion time must…
1. Be an expectation that is reinforced rather than an option. Given the choice most students would rather sleep or play on their phones.
2. Include activities that are fun, challenging, and rewarding (consider offering structured choices).
3. Be reinforced with a combination of intrinsic/extrinsic awards. (For example, students that complete the challenge question will have the opportunity to get to “scale level 4” on their progress charts)

Cushion Time Ideas


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