Lectures, part 2

Great Discussion about when, why and how to use lecture in the classroom.

Granted, and...

As I mentioned in Part 1, numerous attempts to improve the lecture have been proposed and implemented over the past 100 years. So much so that in some cases the “lecture” has disappeared – even if the learning is taking place in a lecture hall and some teacher talk is still happening. All of these attempted improvements reflect the need to overcome built-in limitations in the format.

I mentioned in the previous post that John Hattie, author of Visible Learning, was kind enough to respond with some thoughts after I emailed him. Here is the first part of what he notes from the research:

The traditional lecture should not be confused with the many alternative ways to complement and modify this traditional format- – use of clickers, quality of tutorials, constructive alignment of assignments, guided notes, etc. and some unbelievable creative ways of engagement via lectures.  Note, for…

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